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Caroline's Cookies Cookie Flavors


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Caroline's Cookies Cookie Flavors


Caroline's Cookies Toffee Cake

Chocolate cookie with Heath toffee bits topped with house made toffee syrup, condensed milk, and whipped cream!

Toffee Cake

Caroline's Cookies Lemon

A lemon cookie rolled in graham cracker crust and topped with house made lemon curd & toasted meringue 

Lemon Meringue

Caroline's Cookies Oatmeal Cadburry

An oatmeal cookie with crushed up Cadbury eggs mixed throughout!

Oatmeal Cadbury

Caroline's Cookies Carrot Cake

Spiced carrot cake cookie fresh carrots, pecans, and a cream cheese frosting

Carrot Cake

Caroline's Cookies Stuffed Chocolate Chip

Our classic chocolate chip cookie stuffed and topped with Easter Pillsbury sugar cookies!

Stuffed Chocolate Chip

Caroline's Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookie

Classic go-to cookie!

Chocolate Chip

Caroline's Cookies Circus Cookie

Frosted animal crackers, golden Oreos,

rainbow sprinkles, and white chocolate chips

Circus Cookie

Caroline's Cookies Vanilla Sprinkle Cookie

A sugar cookie with sprinkles mixed throughout

Vanilla Sprinkle

White chocolate chips, semi-sweet  chocolate chips, and Oreos

Cookies & Cream

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